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  • Oops… Do It Again!

    A brand new baby range now available at all Greenbusters stores.

    Modern characters, captivating colours.
    Multi-texture fabrics and latest generation materials.
    Oops stems from a fusion of bright and vibrant creativity and from the deep understanding of the needs of modern babies from birth to 4/5 years.

    From earliest childhood entertainment to playful and useful accessories for older children; from textiles to bedroom furniture, the most modern Oops concepts blend harmoniously with the simple needs of a child’s world, creating a line full of joy and originality in every tiny detail.

    In flamboyant forest colours or amidst beautiful city buildings, Oops gives children the magical experience of two different worlds, creating a line that was created for the smallest, but also gets the happy interest of older children.

    And they use it more and more… Oops! Do it again!


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