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pukyPUKY has been making vehicles for children for more than 60 years. Each vehicle offers high value safety features and is tested by independant authorities.

Pukylino and Car

The Puky car was designed for younger eager children starting to sit, crawl and walk. The Puky car provides a beginner step into developing the kids ability to sit and walk. The Pukylio is for infants who can already walk, and gives them balance and coordination in walking throuh the easy first steering movements.pukylino

Puky Tricycles

Puky tricycles will aid in the training of a childs agility and coordination. All tricycle models are supplied with a detachable and adjustable parent push pole. This Giving the child freedom to explore, but under watchful control of their parents.

Puky scooters

Puky scooters are known in childrens long term joy and excitement. Not only do they help with the kids equilibrium, but also a nudge for speed depending on age, experience and preference.

Puky learning bikes

The Puky learning bike has been seen as the alternative to the classic scooter, and also an added advantage to childrens introdution to normal bicycles, by training their balance and coordination. The learning bike will grow with your child due to its flexible components and strong durability.