Die Spiegelburg

diespiegelburgSDie Spiegelburg toys are based on German books like Capt’n Sharky and Princess Lillifee. This brand also has toys based on themes like T-Rex, horse friends and Rebella.

Capt’n Sharky

Exciting picture books of Capt’n Sharky. Come aboard the world of little pirates between 3 and 7. Capt´n Sharky and his best friend Michi ride through fantastic adventures written by the popular German author Jutta Langreuter and illustrated 
by Silvio Neuendorf.

Spiegelburg makes pirate fans happy with different ranges of products such as clothes, pirate costumes and accessories, school stuff, board games and puzzles.
captn sharky

Princess Lillifee

Monika Finsterbusch created the magical world of Princess Lillifee, aimed at girls aged between 4 and 8 years. The books deal with typical girls’ subjects such as friendship, helping each other, animals and nature. Books are made of glittering pages and precious covers turning each book into something unique.

Besides the books, other Spiegelburg products make the pink girls’ world perfect: pearl jewels, travelling and school furniture, beauty-sets, glittering stickers, flowered hair-bands and also puzzles and games!

Horse friends

Horses fascinate girls, especially girls aged between 6 and 14. They all dream of holidays on a farm with horses! That’s why Spiegelburg offers books, accessories, fashion clothing … for all friends of horses and ponies.

Horse topics are very much appreciated in books and audiobooks – the success goes ever beyond German borders. However, Horse Friends’ success is not only the result of books and albums. In fact, Spiegelburg makes numerous and varied items: clothes, key rings, purses, bags, pencil cases, just to name a few.
horse friends

T-Rex World

The dinosaur era is just as mysterious as it is fascinating. Those giant creatures from prehistoric times continue to thrill us despite being extinct for over 65 million years.
Tyrannosaurus Rex, T-Rex for short, is the most well-known species of its kind. As an absolute favourite with all dinosaur fans, T-Rex is the star in our new programme.

For adventurous boys aged from 4 to 8 years our ”T-Rex World” comes to life, not only in books, board games and puzzles, but with a complete range of toys, school stuff and a clothing collection. In addition, small ”real” excavation kits teach junior paleontologists what life was like in prehistoric times.
trex world


Girls between 11 and 15 have found a new role model with our character Rebella. Young girls, seeing themselves no longer a child, but also not yet a woman, have their own dreams, wishes and also fears. At this time, they seek their very own style and surroundings, just to set themselves apart from adults and feel unique and special.
Teenager style and cultish design brand our products, from bags and belts to shoelaces.

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