gotzSGötz dolls are considered to be the finest vinyl play and artist dolls in the world. These dolls are designed and crafted with extraordinary attention to artistic form and practical function. 

Götz babies

Götz baby dolls are true playmates. Their soft fabric bodies have a soft fluffy filling or beads. The Aquini bath babies are made of vinyl; or with quick drying soft beaded bodies.
goetz babies

Götz girls

Götz standing dolls will quickly become very best friends. Their fully articulated vinyl bodies make it possible to pose them in different positions supporting role playing. The high quality durable hair can be washed, brushed and styled by children.
goetz girls

Doll fashions and accessories

The outfit styles of Götz dolls are always up to the latest trends. Outfits can be washed and ironed.
doll accessories

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