Heros stands for safety and creativity right from the start. Since more than 100 years the wooden quality toys are designed to teach children from a very young age to train their fine motor skill and creativity. This range of Basic Toys meets all European and International safety requirements and enhances creative play.

Building blocks

Like no other toys, HEROS wooden bricks promote the play instinct already from the earliest childhood. Simple geometric forms like cuboids, rectangles, triangles, columns and arches – all in different colours – don’t set any limits to the children’s imagination.

Construction Sets

Easy-to-assemble kits, which are especially designed for children of 3 to 4 years of age, are the ideal toy to stimulate creativity and manual motor skills. All parts of all HEROS CONSTRUCTOR kits are interchangeable among each other so that there are no limits to the instinct to build and play. Detailed and child-appropriate illustrated assembly instructions are enclosed with each basic kit.

Work and Hammer benches

These functional and stable toys include everything that children need for working: hammer, wrench and screwdriver, all perfectly adapted to the assembly and disassembly of HEROS construction elements. They encourage children to actively occupy themselves – alone or with others.

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